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acekard 2i buy dsi When you have kept yourself abreast with the recent occurrence and happenings in the Nintendo world, you will most certainly know that since 2007, you can have buy a DSi Multiple Game Cartridge >>>.

Gone is the time when your cartridge could only have a single game in it. With the multi-cart, a cartridge now has a stretched entertainment purpose. It can contain four gigabits of memory which means that you can put as many as 100 games in your cartridge. This is because most Nintendo games have four memory blocks each.
With your DSi Multi Game Cartridge, boredom is a feeling that you can bear to be parted with. You do not have to content yourself by playing the same game over and over again. You can choose among the hundred and play all those games for as long as you can.
When you are worried about the cost of these DSi Multiple Game Cartridges, you have no grounds for your worries. You can have these at less than $100 even. This is already a lot of savings when you compare this to buying a single game for $50.
Another feature that will allow you to save money even more is that you can add or remove Nintendo games from your multi-cart while staying at home. This is because you can do this by going to the Internet and changing the games contained in your custom cartridge. You can have a choice from two to four gigabits which means that your DS cartridge can have different numbers of games. Thus, you need not buy another Nintendo DS Multi-cart for you can download and delete the contents of your cartridge. This is another point of savings for you. You can enjoy various games without much expenditure. Fun does not need to be too expensive or else, it would not be a lot of fun at all.      

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