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Nintendo DSi flash backup cards & adapters. If you want to play NDS roms on the DSi for free you can not do it with R4 DS or any other old school DS flash card. When redesigning the console Nintendo made sure that they are made incompatible with the updated Nintendo DSi firmware. But not for long! Now comes the new generation or DSi flash cards (that are also backward compatible with all version of NDS / DS Lite). First of the new batch is Acekard 2i - an DSi compatible Acekard 2, EZflash team with EZ-Flash Vi (5i) and TTDSi from DSTT team, but team Cyclops is right behind them having demonstrated working prototypes in the lab. So expect a lot more news from us in a shot while.

AceKard 2i for DSi

acekard 2i buy dsiAll the features of the original AceKard 2 flash card now available on Nintendo DSi. Backward compatible with NDS and DS Lite and all the NDS roms.

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EZflash Vi for DSi EZ5i

EZflash Vi for DSi EZ5iEZ-FLASH Vi is the latest product of DS EZ flash card family. In essence it is an EZflash V modified to work on DSi - both use same kernel and menus and have the same great compatibility with NDS backup and Homebrew DS roms.

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Other DSi Flash Cards

DSTTi TTDSi TTDS is known for its cheap price, but also for having lower rate of compatibility with games and occasional lockups and save game problems so we do not suggest you buy TTDSi. Maybe they will prove to be better that what we have seen before, but why fight with a low quality card if you can get AK2i or EZ5i for nearly the same price. R4DSi is NOT made by the original R4 team, so this is a total unknown producer using a popular name to push his product -- works at start, but without firmware updates game compatibility drops with every new game released. Nintendo DSi Flash Backup Cards Adapters, AceKard 2i EZflash Vi TTDSi R4DSi and other SD / SDHC to DS rom carts

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r4i sdhc upgrade advance

r4i sdhc upgrade advance