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Why would I pick AK2i over others

acekard 2i buy dsiWhen you buy a flash card it is important to know if the team behind it is good at support. Why? Well lets look at the example of the latest StarWars game NDS ROM 2906 - Star Wars - The Clone Wars - Jedi Alliance (U)(XenoPhobia).nds . Whe XenoPhobia released the rom backup it was incompatibel with most cards - AceKard and Cyclo DS teams reacted immediatly and issued an upadted firmware that corrected the compatibily and so all AK and CycloDS users could play this game while others were left with two choises -- Buy the original game (~ $35 USD) or wait for the makers of your card to issue new firmware someday (or not) or try to hack and patch the game yourself - which as far as I know was not possible for this rom :( And this is not the only time when users of TTDS, R4DS and N-Card are left wondering if thei will ever be able to play teh new cool game...

Similar storry with DS GTA Chinatown Wars - the best card got an update and could use the normal nds rom when as others had to patch the file and try to get it running that way.

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EZflash Vi for DSi EZ5i

EZflash Vi for DSi EZ5iEZ-FLASH Vi is the latest product of DS EZ flash card family. In essence it is an EZflash V modified to work on DSi - both use same kernel and menus and have the same great compatibility with NDS backup and Homebrew DS roms.

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